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Topic: What version of IJWtC is this on the radio

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Just discovered these guys
What version of IJWtC is this on the radio

This show (Dale & Holley) on this radio station (WEEI) uses your song for a lead in.
Direct link to download of mp3:

Some questions about it. I recognize the song is I Just Want to Celebrate, but...
1/ Whose voice is that counting down? It doesn't sound like any of you and I've never heard it on any of your stuff. Albums, singles, live, any clips I could find on YouTube. Nor have I heard the backward count down before. Is the counting even you guys or the radio station dubbing?
2/ I also can't find that exact cut/riff being played on any of your releases or performances. I recognize it's IJWtC, but at no point listening to any versions of the song does that exact cut/riff get played. That is, why can't I take that exact cut and drop it over one of your versions of the song and find where it's taken from? Is it a cover by someone else?

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