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Topic: Rare Earth - Rare Records (available on Vinyl only)

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Rare Earth - Rare Records (available on Vinyl only)

RE: Topic: Rare Earth vinyl transfers aka "needledrops"


Just discovered this site in 2014 (sorry)!

I am trying to complete my Rare Earth collection, but it proves to be virtually impossible. Especially some rare items like Tight & Hot & Generations for example.

Therefore I am VERY interested in what I was reading in the topic mentioned above. If possible could Mike, the guy who transferred some rarities from vinyl, or somebody else get in touch with me to see how I can obtain some copies?

Believe me, if some releases mentioned would be for sale OFFICIALLY, I would BUY them. However, a lot of Rare Earth material is still NOT available on CD, like Midnight Lady, Generations (Soundtrack), Tight & Hot, the two HUB releases and there is more..

Therefore, as it is I am "forced" to look for alternatives to feed my hunger for rare Earths music ....

Thanks in advance for getting back to me,


Contact Rick:      (and yes, FREE is my favourite Band ....)

PS Somewhere Mike wrote also that some of the tracks of "Generation" ended up on Ecology. But as far as I know only DIFFERENT versions (remixes) of those ended up on Ecology, correct?

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