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Topic: My wife, Mellisa Wisniewski Bryant, is dead

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My wife, Mellisa Wisniewski Bryant, is dead

She died on 10 February, while I was away on a University Lecture gig.

On 11 February, the Omaha copper came to the door of the motel I was at and asked if I were her husband. When he told me the news I went pale. It was the worst news I ever heard this century.

Apparently, according to the police, she was a our kitchen doing the washing up...when an anuerysm -- of which we weren't ever aware - had burst in her head.

The following morning, a neighbour who came to visit found her and called the proper authorities. But it's too late for that...

She was 4 and a half months pregnant with our first child.


The baby didn't make it.


And so I sit here all by myself in my film studio. I don't have the go back into OUR "dream house" that we just got last Summer.


I can't even eat. Everything tastes sour..


I'm very sorry to bother you with any of this. Mellisa waqs my heart, my soul, my skin, my muse, my love...


And now she's gone forever..


I have no Mom, no Dad, no brothers or sisters, and no relatives.




I don't plan on returnin here .. as I have nothing to offer. Not anymore.


Don't plan on coming back.


Now or ever.

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