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Topic: Rare Earth Middle Tennessee State University 9-14-72

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Tony R
Rare Earth Middle Tennessee State University 9-14-72

While listening to my new "Live in Chicago" CD that I got in the mail today, It

brought back memories of my one & only time I got to see Rare Earth live in concert.

As it turned out it was an abbreviated show that I'm sure the band rather not had experienced.

It was my freshman year at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tn. and

Rare Earth was set to play in MTSU's Alumni Memorial Gym as the then ultra modern Murphy Center

had yet to be completed. I can remember it was a very hot September day as I entered the 

Memorial Gym that was made hotter by the fact that the old gym (built in 1950) was not air conditioned.

As my friends & I waited for the show to begin, we began the swelter & wilt from the intense heat inside the gym as

the crowd grew to capacity for the small gym. We were able to open a few windows in the upper level (many were painted shut)

but this proved to give little relief. I can remember that there was no warm up act & Rare Earth finally came

on stage a little late....the show started.... and the crowd & I forgot about the heat as the band rock the old gym into

a frenzy. Then suddenly toward the end of "I Just Want to Celebrate" the music stopped & the stage lights dimmed.

The crowd buzzed with confusion on what had happened. Finally a soundman for the group came to the mike & announced

that Pete Rivera had passed out from the heat & could not continue. We were told to leave as the concert was over.

Dejected we left.... but it was great while it lasted & I became a fan for life!!

Below is a link to the MTSU's student newspaper, Sidelines, with plenty of photos & their review of the concert at the time.

Photos on page 1 & 2 with the concert review on page 9.

Note: it will take a little time for the newspaper to download (16 pages).




thanks for the story Tony R.

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