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Topic: ABC TV: Rare Earth @ Hoffstra University; Syracuse, NY July 6, 1973

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Mike D.
ABC TV: Rare Earth @ Hoffstra University; Syracuse, NY July 6, 1973

Hey gang,


I've been doing some research and I discovered that the live clip of "Get Ready" from 1973 was filmed/taped by ABC-TV @ Hoffstra University; Syracuse, NY July 6, 1973. The clip you see is definitely edited from what was originally broadcast on TV...Ray's & Mark's solos are edited out. "Celebrate" from the same show was also broadcast. I wonder if any other footage survives? After all, Deep Purple were on the same bill and three songs from their set are on an officially released DVD.

Since Universal has released DVD's from many other Motown artists, it'd be cool if they could work with Reeling In The Years productions and round up all Rare Earth TV footage and put it on DVD.

Anyone care to help with a list? Here's what I know of thus far:

Ed Sullivan 1970, Atlanta Pop Festival 1970, American Bandstand 71 or 72, ABC TV 1973, Midnight Special 1973 and 1974, Cal Jam 1974, Don Kirschner's Rock Concert 1974 and 1975. 

I'll bet this could be a good almost 2 hrs...I'm guessing they played about an hour long set @ Atlanta Pop in 1970. Those audio tapes are tucked away in Sony's vault.


Yes, I have been bit by the Earth bug again. smile

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