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Music from Michigan

This weekend a friend and I were having a discussion about music. The subject of Motown came up. From there we branched off into talking about all of the great acts that have come out of Michigan. Outside of the obvious plethora of greatness that came from Motown, let's not forget some other notables like:

Suzi Quatro
Del Shannon
Ted Nugent
The Amboy Dukes
Bob Seger
Grand Funk Railroad
Iggy Pop
The Stooges
? and The Mysterians
The MC5
Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels
Glenn Frey
Frijid Pink
The Frost
Alice Cooper

The Termite Terrace Titan
Permalink other musical luminary from The Motor City ya *gotta* mention.

Suzi Quatro's keybaordist sibling Michael Quatro...who *DID* have an association with The Hitsville Empire, releasing 2 LP's on Prodigal: "Dancers, Romancers, Dreamers, & Schemers" (1976, Originally issued on United Artists, the LP was reissued on Motown when Quatro signed with The Gordy Regime) and "Gettin' Ready!" (1977, Has *nothing* to do with that Smokey classic at *ALL!*...but it *does* have Stevie Wonder/Rare Earth asscoiate Reggie McBride on basses)

For *my* money, the "Dances..." LP is the *best* of the two..


The years from 1966wink through 1972 biggrinare considered by most to be the prime era of the Detroit area's rock history and they're used here as a discretionary guideline rather than a  hard and fast rule so transitional or influential performers and bands from the earlier sixties as well as those who might have gotten a late start also get some mention in this section devoted to the musicians of Detroit rock.

Profiles for many of these talents are constantly evolving as new data comes to light while others remain abbreviated as links to more comprehensive information elsewhere on the internet can be cited.   Photos, record jacket scans and other visuals related to these artists appear as space permits and material becomes available.  There is also no doubt that these listings overlook many other superb Motor City rock talent and groups of the era which, with your input, will find their way into this later.

The listings and profiles contained herein are about as arbitrary as it gets, however.  They are the groups and musicians of which a helpful collective of associate correspondents and I had some cognitive recollection, not a comprehensive list.  So if you have information on an individual or group that's been slighted, overlooked or omitted, please get in touch.

While less-than-trustworthy memories may have been the major guideline for inclusion, the following references have been among the notable sources of edification, inspiration, clarification and information found in this section:
# Shakin' Street: Ben Edmonds' authoritative essay on the history of Detroit Rock from Metro Times
# The Original Michigan Rock History by Dick Rosemont appearing in 'Bomp' Magazine, Spring 1975
# Vernon Joynson's masterwork on sixties era garage/psych bands & records: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers and it's on-line version
# John Sinclair's essays on the music and socio-political upheaval of the era: Guitar Army
# Detroiter Dave Marsh's first edition of The Rolling Stone Record Guide
# Terry Hounsome's database of rock musicians and recordings: Rock Base
# The profiles appearing in the All Music Guide
# Issue 6 of Jeff Jarema's tremendous DIY fanzine for sixties garage rock maniacs: Here 'Tis
   contains THE comprehensive Rationals history!
# The record collectors journals , DISCoveries  &  Goldmine
# The Virgin Encyclopedia of Rock, London: Virgin Books, 1996
# Paul Grushkin's beautiful rock 'n' roll poster history: The Art of Rock
#   . . . and, most importantly, the hundreds of individuals who've written and provided empirical recollections, history, background info, pictures, music, corrections/updates to the entries and especially differing opinions.  Keep 'em coming!  Credit for the contributions will be made as these listings are updated.
Every effort has been made to identify original information sources and quote, cite or credit accordingly but if anyone feels that a copyright or fair-use violation has occurred in these listings, please notify me at once.

wink"...Because the news is goin' down
About the rock'n'roll dance in town
And you know I just gotta hear that band play
- The MC5 - "Tonight"

The Bands & Musicians

    * Alice Cooper
    * All The Lonely People
    * Amboy Dukes(Ted Nugent)
    * Apostles
    * Stuart Avery Assemblege (Robyn Robbins)
    * Benny & The Jets
    * Billy "C" and the Sunshine (Billy C Farlow)
    * Bouys
    * Brat
    * Brownsville Station (Cub Koda)
    * Buddies In The Saddle (Lorna Hernandez, John Farlow)
    * Cactus
    * Camel Drivers
    * Carnal Kitchen
    * Carousel
    * Catfish (Bob "Catfish" Hodge)
    * Caste
    * Charging Rhinoceros of Soul
    * Children (Our Mother's) (Phil Edholm, Dave Morgan)
    * Chosen Few  (Scot Richardson) (Ron Asheton)
    * Clear Blue Sky
    * Clockwork Orange
    * Commander Cody& His Lost Planet Airmen
    * Rusty Day & The Midnighters
    * Debutantes
    * Decembers Children
    * Del-Tino's
    * Detroit (feat. Mitch Ryder) (Rusty Day)
    * Dharma
    * Dhobi's Itch
    * John Drake's Shakedown
    * Ellie Pop (Bill Long)
    * Everlon Nevermore
    * Flaming Ember(s)
    * Glenn Frey (Mushrooms, etc.)
    * Frijid Pink
    * Frost (Dick Wagner &) (Bossmen)
    * Frt of the Loom (Frt)
    * Gang (Steve Farmer)
    * Gold Brothers
    * Grand Funk Railroad
    * Guardian Angel
    * Haymarket Riot
    * Horny Toads (Ted Lucas)
    * Index
    * Jagged Edge
    * Julia (Blue Miller)
    * Lightnin'
    * Lourds (Ted Nugent)
    * Maxx
    * Mighty Quick
    * Mojo Boogie Band
    * Scott Morgan
    * MC5
    * Mutzie
    * New Heavenly Blue ("Madcat" Ruth)
    * Ormandy (Tom Cartmell, a.k.a. Alto Reed)
    * Ourselves
    * Pack (Terry Knight &) (Fabulous Pack)
    * Parliament - Funkadelic and P-Funk
    * Passing Clouds
    * Pink Peech Mob (Johnny Angelos)
    * Plain Brown Wrapper (Van Decker)
    * Pleasure Seekers (Cradle) (Suzi Quatro)
    * Popcorn Blizzard (Meat Loaf)
    * POW [Pride of Women]
    * Prime Movers (Jim "Iggy" Osterberg)
    * Mike Quatro (Jam Band)
    * ? and the Mysterians
    * Rainy Days
    * Rare Earth (Sunliners)
    * Rationals
    * Red, White & Blues Band
    * Jonathan Round
    * Mitch Ryder (Detroit Wheels) (Detroit)
    * Salem Witchcraft
    * Savage Grace
    * Bob Seger (Last Heard) (System)
    * Seventh Seal (Bill Kirchen)
    * The Shy Guys
    * Sky (Doug Feiger)
    * Southbound Freeway
    * Spike Drivers (Ted Lucas)
    * Springwell
    * SRC (Scot Richard Case) (Fugitives) (Blue Scepter)
    * Stix & Stoned
    * (Psychedelic)Stooges  (Iggy Pop)
    * Subculture
    * Sunday Funnies
    * Sweet Cherry
    * Talismen (Mike Lutz)
    * Teegarden & Van Winkle
    * Third Power (Drew Abbott)
    * Thomas Blood (Midnight Shift)
    * Thyme
    * Tidal Waves
    * Train
    * Underdogs
    * Underground Wall
    * Unrelated Segments
    * Up
    * Uprising (Rasmussen Bros.)
    * Urban Roots
    * Virgin Dawn
    * (Toby) Wesselfox (Band)
    * The Wha?
    * The What Four
    * Whiz Kids
    * White Mud Blues Band
    * Wilson Mower Pursuit
    * Lyman Woodard (Trio / Ensemble)
    * Woolies
    * Yorkshires
    * And all the others...(which escaped our memory but not yours. Send 'em in!)



stuff above is taken from :

© The Geer Works 19972005
Steve Geer -

Check out this book, I have a copy and its a great read. R.E. get a full two pages(as it should be), there is a photo of The Sunliners and Ralph gets a few name checks...

UK Dave
Let's not forget yet another Quatro. Patti was a latter day lead guitarist for Fanny. Most memorable for that album cover pose in micro skirt and thigh length boots.

Careful Dave, talk of thigh length boots and micro skirts will start getting Gustavo all worked up lol.

It has to be said that The Pleasure Seekers(Suzi and Patti's band)were certainly one of the best looking bands from Michigan lol......

Mark M
Richard wrote:

Careful Dave, talk of thigh length boots and micro skirts will start getting Gustavo all worked up lol.

           Well, talk of every female gets Gustavo worked up...biggrin


UK Dave

Richard wrote:

Careful Dave, talk of thigh length boots and micro skirts will start getting Gustavo all worked up lol.

Crikey Richard, yes I hadn't thought about that. Can't disagree with you there Mark. now we are being poison!!

No more

I remember so many of these groups. The Talismen, Dharma, Sunday Funnies, The Rationals, The Tyme, SRC,  and so many more I lived in Ann Arbor from 68, to 81. Most of them played at the Club in Monroe Mich. I was from Toledo Oh originally. Wow what a blast rom the past.

B Young
Permalink is not responding. I'd like to learn more about Everlon Nevermore. Grew up listening to WTAC AM Flint while living in Saginaw. Also did a short volunteer stint as a DJ at WSAM, an extension of high school Junior Achievement.

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